Tourism for Children and Family in Cusco

Entertainment for Parents and Children

Tourism For Children and Family in Cusco: In this ancient city of Cusco, you can not only visit cultural sites but also experience fantastic moments by engaging in many interesting activities with your entire family.

Cusco offers more than just cultural tours and history talks; there are also activities for nature enthusiasts, ATV rides in Cusco and the surrounding areas of Huaypo and Piuray lakes, where you have the opportunity to go boating on one of these lakes. Additionally, there are incredible experiences like visiting an observatory center and stargazing, or if you love animals, you can visit an Andean zoo and see animals from these regions. There are even creative activities like visiting a chocolate museum and making your own chocolate or Peruvian cuisine.

On this occasion, Cusco Transport will recommend the best entertainment spots in Cusco where you and your family can enjoy the views, have different experiences, and share smiles. Choose the place you want to visit, and we will take care of your transportation in Cusco and your visit to these fun places described below.

Tourism For Children and Family in Cusco

Workshops at the Chocomuseo

This international company offers various unparalleled quality products made with 100% organic cocoa. But they don’t just sell chocolate products; they also provide a variety of workshops that can be enjoyed as a family.

If you were captivated by the taste of all our traditional dishes during your visit to Cusco and Peru, the Peruvian cooking workshop is ideal for you. In this workshop, both children and adults can learn everything about the ingredients of each Peruvian dish, which will be sourced from the local market. You will then learn to cook using these local products, such as ceviche or lomo saltado, and other Peruvian dishes. During this culinary adventure, you will be guided by a professional chef.

If you are a chocolate lover, this place will become a paradise for you. Here, not only can you purchase all the chocolate bars you desire in different flavors, colors, and aromas, but you can also learn to make your own chocolate from cocoa beans right in your hand. You will then roast it and produce your own chocolate, adding your personal touch. Throughout this process, you will always be supervised by a chocolate processing instructor.

Chocomuseo Workshops in cusco

Come to the Chocomuseo safely by contacting us to use our private taxi service in Cusco!


This animal shelter, known as an ‘animal sanctuary,’ is a private refuge where professional staff and volunteers care for all Andean animals that were injured by humans or rescued by environmental police.

In this sanctuary, you can observe many majestic animals, such as:

El cóndor andino

The Andean condor. A type of bird of prey. These enormous birds can measure 1.60 meters in height and have a wingspan of 5 meters. Furthermore, these birds have only one mate for their entire life (they are monogamous). Additionally, they can live in various altitudes, from the coast to the Andes.

The Andean bear. There are six types of bears worldwide, and within the entire American continent, only here in Peru can you find the famous spectacled bear. This Andean bear typically inhabits the Peruvian jungle, including the areas around Machu Picchu.

The Andean bear in Cochawasi in cusco The Andean Bear At the zoo in Cusco
The Andean Camelids

The Andean camelids. Here you can find the four types of Andean camelids (guanaco, llama, alpaca, and vicuña) that often roam the sanctuary and are eager to share some photos with you.

Additionally, you will be able to see eagles, hawks, chinchillas, Andean cats, and many other native animals.

We will take you to this animal shelter in our transportation service in Cusco and Peru. Also, along the way, we can make a stop to take some panoramic photos of the Cusco Valley.

Cusco Planetarium

Throughout Cusco, there is only this telescope center, making it the only place in Cusco where you can view the sky and the universe with high-quality views.

In this intriguing tourist activity, you will receive an introductory talk about the stars and their connection to Inca culture to understand everything we will see in the sky. Afterwards, we can use top-quality professional telescopes. It will be up to you whether you want to visit the planetarium during the day to observe the sun through a solar filter or if you prefer to go at night to observe the moon, stars, constellations, and some planets.

It’s worth mentioning that all these telescope observations are always subject to weather conditions and the cloudiness of the day you visit.

Cusco Planetarium

Get ready to gaze upon our infinite universe filled with Inca constellations! Just contact us to go to this place with our reliable transportation service in Cusco.

Quad Bike Tours in Cusco

If you’re looking for a dose of adrenaline during your visit to Cusco, riding an ATV might just provide that.

There are two options, the first being our ‘ATV Maras Moray’ service, which is a tour between the natural salt mines of Maras and the archaeological complex of Moray. The second option is ‘ATV Piuray and Huaypo Lakes,’ where you follow a route from the Chinchero district to circumnavigate the Piuray and Huaypo lakes, with the option to take a boat and sail on the crystal-clear waters of Lake Huaypo.

Relax in the tranquility of this setting, seated in a boat in the middle of this lake!

Quad Bike Tours in Family in Cusco

Come with your family and enjoy all these alternative tourist services in Cusco. Choose the best family activity you desire, and Cusco Transport will be delighted to take your family to these places.


Discover the unique experience of Sacsayhuamán in Cusco, an exceptional destination for families looking to explore together. This ancient Inca fortress stands out for its impressive stone walls and terraced platforms, offering a fascinating glimpse into Inca culture.

Our specialized guide will immerse you in the Inca past with interactive activities designed for both children and adults. From deciphering hieroglyphics and treasure hunts to learning about Inca architecture and daily life, this educational experience will provide a comprehensive insight into this rich culture.

For added convenience, we offer a transportation service that takes you from your accommodation to Sacsayhuamán and back, eliminating logistical concerns and allowing you to fully enjoy your visit.

sacsayhuaman in family cusco

Don’t miss the opportunity to create unforgettable family memories while exploring Sacsayhuamán in a fun and educational way with the transportation service in Cusco. Join us on this journey through time and discover the greatness of the Inca civilization.

The Historic Center of Cusco

Get ready for an exciting family adventure in Cusco as we meticulously explore the magnificent Historic Center of this city. On this journey, we will guide you through the cobblestone streets steeped in history, where every corner holds an ancient story. You will discover ancestral monuments that bear witness to the splendor of the past and immerse yourself in bustling squares that still pulsate with the vitality of Peruvian life.

From the captivating tales of Spanish conquistadors to the vibrant markets housing authentic treasures, our experience is specially designed for families, both children and adults alike, to connect with the cultural richness of Cusco. But that’s not all: to ensure everyone’s comfort and peace of mind during this journey, we offer a transportation service in Cusco that will take families from their accommodation directly to the Historic Center and back, making the trip hassle-free.

Exploring Cuscos Historic Center with Family and Children

Join us on this exciting journey through time, where we will explore together the glorious past of Cusco, savor local delights, and above all, create unforgettable memories in the heart of the Historic Center of this magical city.

Visiting the museums in the city of Cusco.

Cusco is home to a wide array of museums, including the ‘ChocoMuseo.’ Your journey can begin at the Museum of La Casa Concha, which houses artifacts returned by Yale University after Hiram Bingham’s excavations during the discovery of the ‘Lost City of the Incas.’ Next, you can explore the Inca Museum, which showcases an extensive collection of jewelry, ceramics, textiles, and even some mummies representing Inca traditions.

Beyond the museum offerings, on your way, you’ll encounter skilled weavers from the Sacred Valley of the Incas who will be delighted to show you their craftsmanship. Some of them may even share information about traditional Peruvian weaving techniques. Additionally, the younger ones will enjoy learning about the use of Andean looms.

Another must-visit museum is the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, which houses a remarkable collection of pre-Columbian art. Don’t forget to let the children have fun with the llamas in the museum’s garden during your visit.

City museums of Cusco Peru

Explore the enriching museums of the city of Cusco with peace and comfort, taking advantage of our transportation service designed to provide you with a unique experience.

Walking tour of the streets of Cusco

One of the most fascinating experiences in Cusco is taking a leisurely stroll through its streets, exploring the city on foot, and enjoying the tranquility of its narrow alleys. Walking through Cusco transports you to another time, creating a magical sensation that captivates both adults and children alike. In the heart of the historic center, it’s common to discover the remnants of ancient Inca walls peeking out beneath colonial structures.

During your exploration, you’re very likely to encounter indigenous women dressed in traditional attire, accompanied by beautiful llamas adorned with colorful ornaments. This encounter provides the perfect opportunity to capture a memorable photograph with tourists, and children are thrilled to have a llama as the star of their adventure in Cusco.

Tour through the streets of Cusco Turismo para Niños y Familias en Cusco

To make your experience even more comfortable and enjoyable, we offer a transportation service that will safely and conveniently take you to the city’s most iconic places. This way, you can fully enjoy all the wonders that Cusco has to offer!