Experience the extraordinary Lake Titicaca Classic Tour, an immersive journey through the captivating wonders of Lake Titicaca in Peru. As the highest navigable lake globally, Lake Titicaca boasts a remarkable blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Embark on a scenic motorboat ride, gliding across the pristine, crystal-clear waters of Lake Titicaca. Prepare to be enthralled as you visit the renowned Uros floating islands, remarkable feats of human ingenuity constructed from totora reeds. Immerse yourself in the Uros culture, gaining a firsthand understanding of their way of life and the fascinating traditions they have upheld for centuries.

Continue your adventure to the captivating island of Taquile, a natural wonder surrounded by the awe-inspiring lake. Here, you will have the opportunity to interact with the Taquile people, revered for their exceptional weaving skills. Marvel at their intricate textiles, regarded as some of the finest in all of Peru, and gain insight into the craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations.

The Lake Titicaca Classic Tour caters to your preferences, offering both private and group services. Whether you desire an intimate exploration or a shared adventure with fellow travelers, this tour ensures an unforgettable experience, allowing you to delve into the rich culture and history of Lake Titicaca.

Embark on this remarkable journey, where the serenity of Lake Titicaca and the vibrant traditions of its inhabitants converge to create an unparalleled travel experience.


This morning, we leave your hotel in Puno and head to the port. There, we board a motorboat to explore the waters of Lake Titicaca in Peru. During the Uros Lake Titicaca floating islands tour, you’ll interact with the inhabitants and discover how they construct their islands, houses, and boats using the abundant totora reeds.

Afterwards, we continue our journey on the boat towards the island of Taquile, enjoying the breathtaking views of the vast lake. Once we arrive, we embark on a 45-minute uphill walk to the village, where we can mingle with the locals. Take the opportunity to meet some Taquileños and admire their unique textiles, which are an integral part of their ancient culture.

We then indulge in a typical lunch with incredible views of Lake Titicaca. Afterward, we explore the island and make our way back to the main port, where our motorboat awaits to transport us back to Puno.

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  • Taquile Homestay 2 Days.
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Dificulty: Easy

Full Day