Experience Wildlife, Wine Tasting, and Adventure in Paracas and Ica

Ica is a city located on the desert coast of Peru about 4 hours away from Lima. The Nazca civilization thrived in the Ica Valley from 100 B.C. to A.D. 800.  In the 1540s vineyards were established in Ica and other parts of Peru by the Spaniards.  This city is well known for wine and pisco tasting at many vineyards such as Tacama, the oldest vineyard in South America. Adventure tourism is very popular at Huacachina where you can do sandboarding or dune buggy on the huge sand dunes.  If you have time you can fly over the Nazca Lines from the nearby airport. Travel from Ica to Paracas which is on the same route and only 1 hour away or continue to Nazca for 3 hours.

Paracas is centered on the peninsula of Paracas and in the vicinity of Ica and 3.5 hours away from Lima.  The Paracas culture developed between 1200 B.C. and 100 B.C. They had different periods that evolved their pottery and textiles. The Paracas royals had elongated human skulls and died out mysteriously 2000 years ago. Today you can visit the Ballestas Islands with its natural wildlife and the Paracas National Reserve. You can fly over the Nazca Lines from the nearby Pisco airport. There are many hotel resorts here where you can relax by the beach.

Nazca is located on the southern coast of Peru and 7 hours from Lima.  The Nazca culture began 100 B.C. and flourished for hundreds of years and collapsed around 750 CE.  They were known for their pottery and textiles with geometric shapes, plants, and animals. Until today no one really knows who created the mysterious Nazca Lines which can only be seen clearly from above at a distance from a plane.  Fly over the Nazca Lines from the nearby airport.

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