The Andean Treasures: Chinchero, Maras, and Moray

Andean Treasures: Chinchero, Maras, and Moray” is an exciting one-day tour from Cusco that explores three unique archaeological sites in the Andean region of Peru.

Starting in Cusco, this journey takes you to three Andean treasures located at high altitudes, offering panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains.

The first destination is Chinchero, a colonial town with a church and Inca terraces.

Next, you’ll visit the stunning salt mines of Maras, followed by the enigmatic circular terraces of Moray.

You can join our cultural and adventure routes or explore on your own with private transportation.

This experience combines history, culture, and spectacular landscapes in a single day. Join this thrilling adventure!


Chinchero: Where History and Culture Merge: Chinchero is a picturesque colonial town located 30 kilometers from Cusco, known for its 16th-century church built upon an Inca temple. The church houses colonial paintings and sculptures, creating a unique blend of styles.

Inca Terraces: In Chinchero, the stepped Inca terraces are an impressive testament to Inca agricultural engineering. These terraces cling to the mountainsides and showcase the Inca’s ability to cultivate in different microclimates.

Andenes Incas in Chicheros
Mercado Artesanal en chincheros

Artisan Market: Chinchero is famous for its artisan market, where you can find local products such as handwoven textiles, ceramics, and jewelry. It’s the perfect place to acquire unique souvenirs and support local artisans.

Living Culture: In addition to its rich history, Chinchero offers you the opportunity to interact with the local community. You can witness demonstrations of traditional weaving techniques and immerse yourself in the region’s traditions and way of life.

Cultura Viva en chincheros


Maras: The Secret of Maras Salt: Maras, located about 50 kilometers from Cusco, is known for its salt mines, an archaeological site dating back to the Inca era. More than 3000 salt pools are filled with saltwater daily, and salt is produced through solar evaporation.

Contrasting Landscape: From the Maras viewpoint, you will enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the salt pools that form a mosaic of contrasting colors between the white of the salt and the green of the mountains.

Descending to Maras Salt: In Maras, you will have the opportunity to descend to the Maras Salt Mines and observe up close the salt extraction process, a tradition that has continued since the Inca era. This destination offers an educational and visually stunning experience.

Salinas of Maras in cusco


Moray: The Enigma of Concentric Circles: Moray, located 70 kilometers from Cusco, is a unique archaeological site characterized by its concentric circles of terraces on the mountainside.

Incan Agricultural Experiments: Moray served as an agricultural laboratory for the Incas, who harnessed the power of concentric circles to create microclimates and experiment with different crops at varying altitudes.

The Concentric Circles: Visitors can explore these mysterious terrace circles and delve into the intriguing history of their construction and purpose.

The Moray Museum: For a deeper understanding, the Moray Museum displays Inca artifacts found on the site, providing an enriching insight into Inca life and culture. Moray is a fascinating archaeological destination that combines history and natural beauty.

Terrazas de moray

Our cultural tours for these places

We have 2 different tours to enjoy the rich Inca heritage.

  • The first one is the “Chinchero – Maras – Moray – Ollantaytambo Tour.” Its duration is 8 hours. Not only will you be able to visit the three attractions mentioned above, but you will also have the opportunity to visit Ollantaytambo (the Inca town). Furthermore, this is a cultural and historical tour.
  • Our second tour is the “Extended Tour – Sacred Valley of the Incas.” It takes 9 to 10 hours to visit the highlights of the sacred valley. Therefore, you will visit more tourist attractions like Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

Both services include a luxury tourist car, professional tour guides, and a complimentary bottle of water.

Our adventure tours to these places

Unique Experiences in “Los Tesoros Andinos” (The Andean Treasures):

Within these fertile lands and archaeological sites, we offer extraordinary experiences such as horseback rides and thrilling ATV tours in the Chinchero-Maras-Moray highlands.

Full-Day Horseback Ride: It begins at La Hacienda, where our horses await you. You’ll ride to Moray and Maras, crossing two suspension bridges on the way back.

Half-Day ATV Tours: We offer two exciting options:

Exclusive Shopping

Craftsmanship and Local Experiences: In these Andean areas, you will find craft shops where you can learn ancestral weaving and dyeing techniques used to create traditional clothing and textiles. Additionally, this region is home to Andean camelids and cochineal insects, which are used for wool dyeing.

Supporting the Local Economy: You can contribute to the local economy by purchasing souvenirs such as blankets, ponchos, and chullos crafted by master artisans in textile production in Chinchero. You can also take photos at the colorful textile center with llamas present.

Unique Products in Maras: Maras is known for its natural salt, comparable to Himalayan salt, extracted through natural evaporation in ponds. It also offers restaurants with views of the Sacred Valley and adventure opportunities, with private transportation available in our exclusive luxury fleet.

Flora and Fauna

Exploring the surroundings of the Chinchero highland, you’ll be able to admire a variety of trees such as quinoa, eucalyptus, and pisonay, in addition to extensive crops of corn, potatoes, wheat, and beans. Cacti are abundant and are used to demarcate the fields.

As for the fauna, on sunny days, it’s possible to spot Andean eagles in the sky, geese near the lakes, and llamas grazing in settlements along the route.

Now you can choose from our private cultural routes to immerse yourself in our rich cultural heritage or venture out on cultural journeys. If you prefer not to book a tour, we also offer private transportation services throughout the Cusco and Peru region. Contact us for more information!

Tips for the Tour:

Additional Tips:

With proper planning and by following these tips, participants can be sure they will have an unforgettable experience in “Los Tesoros Andinos” (The Andean Treasures).