Day Tours In Peru

Discover Peru by traveling from the Coast to the Andes experiencing culture, history, art, cuisine, adventure, and nature.

Explore Lima, the capital of Peru located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean tasting Peruvian cuisine and visiting its historical sites. Peru: a treasure trove of wonders!

Visit Ica and Huacachina for adventure sand boarding and dune buggy on the desert dunes, and tour Paracas to embark on a boat ride sightseeing the Ballestas Islands and admiring the wildlife. Fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines to see the designs etched on the ground that will leave you bewildered.

Travel to the beautiful Inca city of Cusco located in the Peruvian Andes, to delve into the world of the Incas touring the city, Sacred Valley of the Incas and the astonishing Machu Picchu.

Journey through the altiplano to Puno to discover Lake Titicaca, the highest navigating lake in the world.

Tour Arequipa, known as the white city with its looming volcanoes and picturesque views. Explore the Colca Canyon, the second-largest canyon in the world.

Cusco Transport and Tours has designed many day tours for your enjoyment in Peru.

Note: We also offer photography, bird watching, homestays, and personalized day tours in Peru. Contact us.

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Exploring Peru Day Trips