Arequipa - Colca Canyon

Majestic condors and the imposing Misti volcano await you.

Tours in Arequipa and Colca Canyon: Arequipa, known as the White City, is Peru’s second-largest city and is nestled in the majestic Andes at an altitude of 2300 meters. Its architecture, constructed with white volcanic stone, gives it a striking appearance and earned it the nickname of the White City.

Surrounding the city are towering volcanoes like Mount Misti and Mount Chachani, adding to its allure and offering exciting outdoor activities such as hiking and mountaineering. Arequipa has a rich history predating the Inca civilization. It is evident in its historic center, Plaza de Armas, and the Monasterio of Santa Catalina, which offer glimpses into the city’s colonial past.

Just a few hours away lies the stunning Colca Canyon, the second deepest canyon in the world, surrounded by the Colca Valley, home to pre-Incan civilizations. The Cruz del Condor viewpoint provides a captivating opportunity to witness majestic condors soaring through the skies, and travelers can relax in the Calera hot springs for a therapeutic experience.

Arequipa’s unique blend of culture, nature, and adventure makes it a must-visit destination in Peru.

Tours in Arequipa and Colca Canyon